Privacy Policy

For the website.

This website makes use of Google Analytics. These third parties gather data on visitors to our sites, for us to better understand our audience and improve our products. This data is anonymized and we do our best to ensure none of this can be traced back to any specific individual.

For Gumroad.

We make use of Gumroad for providing users licence keys for the sprite mixer software. Gumroad provides us with the email adress and name that you have provided to make this purchase. This information is used to verify if you own the product.

For the Sprite Mixer application.

Sprite Mixer makes contact to our servers to verify the licence key (when not used in preview mode) and to check for new updates. The server stores your hardware identifier to ensure proper useage of the licence key. This key is purely stored to identify if the key is not being verified on more then the allowed amount of devices.