Sprite Mixer

Easily combine pre-existing images within minutes.
Available to download for Windows.

How templates are setup
Create a template

Work with a template of elements. Options included to flip, rotate and scale. This makes it easier to mix sprites of different resolutions.

How nodes are setup
Configure outputs with nodes

Use a node graph to customize your results, allowing you to hook up the same outputs to a specific element. Allowing for quick iteration.

Example of results
Export your favourite results

Combine the images you like most in the customization tab and export them all at once. The software automatically tells you how many unique combinations you can make.

Example of configuration
Select your combinations

Use the combination window to test your favourite elements, and see how well they work together. Save the ones you like and export them all at once. You can also quickly see randomized results.

⚡️ About Sprite Mixer

Sprite Mixer is used to create combinations of images.
The program allows you to easily mix PNG and JPG files of any size. Without the need to open a browser or upload files to it. You simply select a folder with images, and assign those to your template image. Afterwards the program will automatically output unique combinations. But you can also choose to cherry pick the combinations you want.

📝 Program features

📂 Importing of JPEG & PNG files
🖼 PNG, JPG, TGA and EXR file types for image output
🔎 Maximum texture size of 8K
💾 Exporting of images without background (transparent)
🎮 Pixel art, pixel perfect results
🎲 Supports high combination counts
🎁 Includes two demos: avatars and pixel art swords

💡 Frequently asked questions

Can I use the demo assets in my products?
As described in the EULA, you can if you own a license key.

On how many computers can I apply a licence key?
You are allowed to use it up to two personal computers.

Can I use the software offline when I have activated it?
You can start the software in non-preview mode without internet. However there is a limit on how many times you can do this.

🖥️ Recommended minimum requirements

Most important component for this application is RAM.
More ram means it can load in more images in memory.
Allowing it to cache images and quickly generate results.
Preferably you have more then 16 GB for best performance.

Operating System - Windows 10
System Memory - 4 Gigabytes (Depends on content)
Graphics Card - Integrated Graphics Card (low end)
Hard Drive - Minimum free disk space of 20 GB
Processor - Intel i5-3330 CPU

📠 Support and questions

Feel free to ask for support or questions at spritemixer@low-scope.com